St Catherines


Varsity Ice Hockey Head Coach at St. Catherine of Siena Academy 


The mission of St. Catherine of Academy is to educate young women to develop their feminine genius—their unique dignity, identity, gifts as women created in the image of God. 


Job Summary: 

The head ice hockey varsity coach will work under the supervision of the athletic director at St. Catherine of Siena Academy. The head girl’s varsity ice hockey coach must appreciate the need for the ice hockey program to work with other sports as a complement to the entire athletic department.  


Major Responsibilities and Duties:  

  • Use a variety of instructional techniques and media to meet the needs and improve the abilities of student-athletes.  

  • Manage and supervise athletic activities, contests, and practice sessions to promote individual growth in athletic skills, teamwork, discipline, respect, and good sportsmanship.  

  • Work with other members of school staff to plan and put in place instructional goals and objectives to ensure the overall educational development of student-athletes.  

  • Ensures that all coaches on staff work together toward a common goal within the ice hockey program and provide unity with a structured feeder system. 

  • Establish performance criteria for competition and evaluate students’ athletic abilities initially and on a regular basis.  

  • Take all necessary precautions to protect student-athletes, equipment, materials, and facilities.  

  • Monitor and enforce student eligibility criteria for extra-curricular participation.  

  • Work with the athletic director to schedule competitions and coordinate arrangements.  

  • Develop and coordinate a continuing evaluation of coaching program, which includes but is not limited to making changes based on findings and the ongoing needs of the program.  

  • Instruct and advise students on NCAA regulations with regard to academic requirements for scholarships and recruiting practices.  

  • Apply and enforce student discipline during athletic contests, practice sessions, and while on trips off school property in accordance with Student Code of Conduct and Student Handbook.  

  • Encourage sportsmanlike conduct in all phases of athletic participation at all times.  

  • Establish and maintain open communication by conducting conferences with parents, students, teachers, athletic director, principal, and president.  

  • Maintain a current inventory of all fixed assets within program.  

  • Oversee process of cleaning, repairing, and storing all campus athletic equipment.  

Performance Keys:  

  • Team discipline  

  • Athlete and personal development  

  • Program competitiveness  

  • Strength and speed development (year-around)  

  • Coach development (staff and self)  

  • Operational integrity and supervision  

  • Community (internal and external) perception (communication and reputation)  

  • Functionality within the mission of St. Catherine Academy 


  • High School diploma or equivalent 

  • Knowledgeable about sport specific MHSAA rules and regulations 

  • CPR/First Aid certified or ability to obtain 


Apply through: 

Email your cover letter, resume to by Friday, July 30, 2021 at 11:59pm.